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Learn Danish

You are invited to Danish lessons shortly after arrival in Denmark. Please note: The education period starts automatically two months after receiving the invitation, so pause the offer if you wish to wait.

14. apr. 2021
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    How to qualify?

    To qualify for the officially approved Danish education you must:

    • Live in Denmark
    • Be over 18 years old
    • Have a residence permit
    • Have a personal registration number (CPR number)

    If you meet these requirements, you should be entitled to follow our courses and you can contact your local language centre directly. Danish education includes Danish language tuition and Danish social studies.

    Check your mailbox

    Residents of Ikast-Brande Municipality automatically receive a letter about the possibility of Danish language tuition within a month after receiving the CPR number. If this is not the case, you are more than welcome to contact Jobcenter Ikast-Brande.

    Referral for a Danish Language Course

    Welcome to Ikast-Brande Municipality.

    You have come to Denmark in order to work, study or for other purposes. As a result, you are entitled to a Danish language Course provided by your municipality. The course will be held at a language center and you will be taught together with other foreigners who have also recently arrived in Denmark.

    Residents of Ikast-Brande Kommune are referred to a Danish language Course run by the language center Sprogcenter Midt in Herning. You can find more information on their website:

    Why learn Danish?
    Many Danes speak English and some companies have English as their corporate language. The Danish language is nevertheless key to integrating and socializing in your local community.

    Your language course starts automatically – it has already started!
    You are entitled to 3 years and 9 months of courses within a 5-year period, and your language course starts automatically. The 5-year period is calculated from the date of this referral letter, and you have to actively decide when you plan to start the course.

    Important notice: Pause your course, if you wish to postpone start-up.
    You can choose to pause the course and start after having settled in Denmark.
    Please inform Sprogcenter Midt Herning or another language center of your choice.

    Danish Education 1, 2, and 3

    Modul 1 6 months
    Modul 2 6 months
    Modul 3 7 months
    Modul 4 8 months
    Modul 5 9 months
    Modul 6 9 months


    Who to contact?
    Sprogcenter Midt, Herning, phone 61809261 or another language center of your choice.
    You can also contact Kirsten Frederiksen at Ikast-Brande Kommune.
    Kirsten is based at the town hall in Ikast.
    She can be reached by phone +45 9960 4226 and e-mail:
    See office opening hours in the page header.

    It is important that you contact the language center, as you otherwise risk to lose time from your course period.

    Wish to choose a different language center?
    You may choose a different language center than the one to which you have been referred.
    The municipality can provide you with more information regarding your options.

    You will have to pay a deposit of 2000 kr. prior to starting the Danish Language Course. The 2000 kr. are to be paid to the language center, where you will be provided with more information regarding possible reimbursement of the security deposit.

    What does the offer entail?
    At the language center, you will be placed in one of three Danish Language Courses, depending on your qualifications. A Danish Language Course is completed by passing a test/exam in which both your written and oral skills are tested. You can attend the courses during the day or in the evening.


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