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When leaving Denmark

When you leave Denmark, there are a number of practical matters you must pay attention to.

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    There are many things to remember when leaving for a new adventure. Here is an overview of practical matters to pay attention to, before you take your next step.

    21.04.2020 18:12

    Practical matters before leaving

    Deregister your address from the national register

    You have to report that you leave if to the Civil Registration System (CPR):

    • you will be gone for more than 6 months. Please note that if you go to Denmark on holiday during your stay abroad, this will not interrupt the 6-month period.
    • you are gone for less than 6 months and you sublet or hire out your residence while you are gone. That is also called giving up the right of disposal.

    This can be done by filling in a leaving form and submitting it to your municipality of residence.

    You must also hand over your health insurance card.

    Moving to a Nordic country

    If you move from Denmark to another Nordic country, you must both register with the local registration authority in the country to which you move as well as deregister your address from the national register (CPR) in Denmark.

    To be registered in another Nordic country, you must bring your ID and provide your social security number (CPR no.) as well as your previous address in Denmark.

    You will only be registered as having left Denmark once the municipality to which you are moving has informed the municipality which you are leaving.

    PostNord – you can have your mail forwarded

    The Danish postal service, PostNord, can forward your mail to an address abroad for the first six months. Registration is only online using an online form.

    In the form, Choose ’Flytning (Særlige adresseændringer)’ and then ’Udlands adresseændring’. Here you upload a copy of your passport, driver's license or other ID and fill in your details.

    Parcels, magazines and newspapers will not be forwarded in connection with a change of address to another country. A permanent change of address is valid for six months and may be prolonged for another six months.

    If PostNord does not receive any information about a new address in connection with relocation outside of Denmark, your post will be returned to sender.

    Social security

    Leaving Denmark entails a number of changes to your rights. When you have been registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR) as relocated to another country, you simultaneously lose your social security in Denmark.

    Therefore, before you leave Denmark, you should check which social rights you will have in the country to which you are moving.

    National health insurance card

    When leaving Denmark, you must either hand in your yellow national health insurance card (“sygesikringsbevis”) at your local citizen service centre (“Borgerservice”) or destroy it (cut it up) as it only applies to individuals living in Denmark.

    If you need a certificate stating your periods of social security coverage in Denmark you should ask Udbetaling Danmark.

    You can contact Udbetaling Danmark by phone 70 12 80 81.

    Doctor and dentist

    Before you leave the country, remember to obtain your family medical and dentist records.

    Deregister children from nursery, kindergarten and school

    Before leaving Denmark, you should notify your children’s school, after- school centre, kindergarten, nursery or other care arrangement that you are going to leave. The term of notice is generally one month. Many places demand a written notice in advance.

    You can also deregister from municipal childcare services digitally via Most of the online self-services are in Danish, but you can always get help to fill in forms and online applications at the local citizen service center.

    Read and report your electricity and heating consumption

    Please remember always to read your meters before you move and inform your electricity and heating provider, otherwise you risk paying for more than you have consumed and you will be held responsible for the consumption until the next resident registers as a consumer.

    Bank and insurance

    If you have opened an account in a Danish bank, you should notify the bank of your relocation and check the possibilities of perhaps keeping your account open for approximately one year in case you receive reimbursements, e.g. for utilities or tax, or deregistration fee.

    Similarly, you should contact your insurance company to terminate your insurances and ask about your insurance coverage in connection with the relocation.

    Remember to notify the Danish Tax Agency (Skattestyrelsen)

    When you leave Denmark it is your job and your place of residence that determine to which country you have to pay tax.

    You are recommended to call the Tax Agency on +45 72 22 28 92 once you have left Denmark and deregistered from the Danish National Register (Folkeregisteret).

    If possible, the Tax Agency will determine your tax liability instantly and let you know which documents you need to submit to the Tax Agency in connection with your leaving Denmark.

    Termination of a lease and reimbursement
    You probably paid a deposit when renting an apartment or a house. Please remember that when you move, you will be reimbursed the deposit minus any possible expenses spent on the flat. You are required to leave it as when you took it over. Any surplus of utilities will also be reimbursed.
    Your car – refund if you leave Denmark

    If you leave Denmark and take your Danish registered car with you, you are entitled to a refund on part of the paid registration duty, depending on the current market value of the car. The amount will be paid into your Danish bank account.

    If you have paid the registration fee in instalments, your instalment payments will expire upon the deregistration of the vehicle.

    The relevant amount of registration fee will be paid out to the owner of the vehicle when 1) the current market value of the vehicle has been determined 2) the vehicle has been deregistered from the Central Motor Registry, and 3) when the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorstyrelsen) has received documentation that the vehicle has been exported out of Denmark.

    You can apply for a refund by filling in form no. 21.044 EN. Please click here to download the form:

    Car deregistration

    Upon your departure, you have to hand over your license plates to SKAT, and you must notify one of the four Central Motor Registry Offices (“Motorcentre”) in Denmark. Your notice must include a copy of the vehicle’s original registration certificate (Part I and Part II) and registration form 21.044.

    Please note that the authorities may demand a vehicle inspection of the car.

    For further guidance on car deregistration and registration duty refund, please contact SKAT:

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