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Music in Ikast-Brande

The musical creativity grows in Ikast-Brande. Take music lessons at the Music School or attend one of the events taking place in the area and listen to music.

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    In Ikast-Brande Municipality, you can find many events - when you know where to look for them. Below is a list of events and venues. 

    Events are often listed in local media such as the local newspaper


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    Ikast-Brande Music School

    Ikast-Brande Music School is a great offer for children who wish to play an instrument. For adults, there is a wide range of choirs located in different parts of the Municipality.

    Visit Ikast-Brande Music School (opens in Danish)

    Young Singers

    Unge Sangere, Young Singers in English, and Opera Workshop in June by Operaen I Midten are recurring events of high caliber.

    Visit Young Singers (opens in Danish)

    Local events in village halls and churches

    Some local village halls, in Danish ‘forsamlingshus’, host music events. Such events are typically announced on Facebook pages and local newspapers. Churches also host concerts. You can find an overview at KultuNaut - The Electronic Culture Guide.

    Visit KultuNaut - The electronic culture guide


    RemisenBrande hosts indoor events and talks. The venue is a beautifully restored roundhouse. Also available for private events.

    Visit RemisenBrande (opens in Danish)

    Bakkehuset in Ikast

    Bakkehuset in Ikast hosts indoor events and talks. The venue is located next to Ikast Bio and the library in Ikast. Also available for private events.

    Visit Bakkehuset (opens in Danish)

    Jazz in Engesvang

    The association Kulturens Venner - in English Friends of Culture - hosts Jazz Cafés free of charge. The events take place in The Old Cinema in Engesvang.

    Visit Engesvang Kultur (Opens in Danish)
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    Ikast Musikliv

    Ikast Musikliv is a small festival in Ikast with live bands on stage.

    Visit Ikast Musikliv (opens in Danish)
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    Jyske Bank Boxen

    Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning hosts big events, often with international artists.

    Visit Jyske Bank Boxen (opens in Danish)